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The Egida Legacy

Egida is an educational consulting company, representative of  language schools, high schools, colleges and universities from around the world. Since 1982, we have been helping students to access educational institutions that meet their preferences.

Egida has offices in Serbia, Montenegro and the USA.


We guide parents and students throughout the whole process of selecting the right program, from the initial request through application and finally attendance. We also assist our clients in fulfilling the scholarship and language requirements. Most importantly, we prepare families for this essential educational step in their career path that will shape their lives.

Our world-renowned partner schools offer educational programs across more than 20 countries, including GCSE, A levels, IB Diploma, German Abitur, French Baccalaureate, and Swiss Matura. Students can choose from programs which last a full academic year, one semester, or a short summer term. We encourage you to come and visit the school and decide if it is the right place for your child!


Let us help you make the best decision by answering all your questions. We will help resolve your concerns about topics including:

Is studying abroad helpful to my career? Where can I study? What are all the documents required for the admission and visa process? Will I be eligible for a scholarship? What are the visa formalities? Where will I stay during the program? Which courses may provide me with long-term returns and a rewarding international career?


In a continually changing world, communication is a priority, whether in the context of your job, studies, or personal development. Adult courses for all levels are available throughout the year and vary in length from one week to one year.

For those who prefer to learn a language with people of their age, we offer special courses for ages 30 and up, as well as additional classes for ages 50 and up. Some programs combine language learning with specific subjects of interest to your profession, such as business and leadership, law, tourism, and engineering, among others.


Language learning programs combine high-quality language tuition with varied activities in an international environment during school holidays. As a student, you will practice a foreign language in a different country with native speakers. Egida offers several types of programs, camps and other opportunities, including standard language, academic (math, science, robotics, IT, etc.) and art programs, sports camps, and volunteering opportunities.

Younger students may choose to travel individually or as a part of a group with dedicated group leaders.

Contact us to schedule your free consultation online or at one of Egida’s offices.

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